10 reasons not to change jobs.

Looking for a different job? 10 reasons not to change jobs.

Reason 1: Things will improve.
The workload will suddenly decrease. That annoying colleague will join another team. Your boss will get a promotion and be gone. I’ll be given a nice project.
That project is a temporary solution. Nothing might change or it could just get worse. Have you tried to change things? Has something improved? Are promises kept? If not it doesn’t make sense to wait until something happens spontaneously

Reason 2: It won’t be any better somewhere else.
Says who? There are plenty of environments where things are different and you’ll thrive.

Reason 3: I won’t earn more money at a different organisation
Is that an absolute condition? Who says you need to earn more? Tradition? What if you make the same amount of money, but work in a much nicer environment? What if you’d even earn a bit less, but are doing daily what you really enjoy? Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to go forward. You’ll have to pay for your expenses anyway, so better have a nice job to be able to do just that.

Reason 4: I know how things are here, even if I don’t like it.
That’s a reason I often here. Change is never easy. Usually you can handle more than you think. Think of any situation in the past where you did get out of your comfort zone. How did that end up?

Reason 5: The health insurance is really good.
Meal tickets, nice company car, private pension plan, nice sounding title etc. etc. Are you stuck in a golden cage? You’ll only be happy when you’re flexing your wings and flying. Don’t wait until your wings are permanently clipped.

Reason 6: It’s close to home.
Short commute? What’s better? Getting home quick to crash on the couch. Travel a bit longer and come home with spare energy?

Reason 7: I’ll miss my colleagues, the nice ones at least.
Undoubtedly. Nobody will stop you to stay in contact with them and to learn new nice colleagues somewhere else.

Reason 8: I’m not sure what I do want to do.
List all the nice things at your current job you’d take with you. Make that list as long as possible.

Reason 9: This is the only thing I’m really capable of.
You’re capable of much more than you might think. Most people don’t have the selfinsight to really judge that. “It’s obvious it’s easy” they’d say. Of course. For you it is because you’re good at it. It isn’t easy for somebody else. Write down what you’re really good at and what you like doing. Ask others around you. Good change they’ll add to your list.

Reason 10: I never give up.
Everybody has a limit. Chronic stress is the highway to burnout. Don’t let illness or sudden dismissal get you first and create your plan now. It’s your life.

What are your reasons not to change?

About the author:

Alex op de Weegh ~ Loopbaan en burn-out coach