Alex op de Weegh – Coach and Trainer


Everyone occasionally needs to reflect on their work.

It rattles you but you don’t know exactly what is wrong.

You want to do something else, but don’t know what.

You know exactly now what you want but can not move.

Everyone has a unique question, together we’ll find an unique answer that works.

1 Day Coaching

How we proceed

We start with your career question. You’ll gain valuable insights and go home with an action plan to find
work, that you’ll enjoy.

1 Day Coaching – Intensive 1-on-1 day packed with insights and a tangible plan at the end.

Make work your work and invest in yourself

You will acquire insights – in yourself and opportunities.

1 Day Coaching – Intensive 1-on-1 day packed with insights and a tangible plan at the end. 

Contact me now for an introductory 30-minute breakthrough session (phone, Skype, on site). This breakthrough session is worth 87€ and is now offered to you free of charge.

Your results

Your solutions are clear, actions tangible and you are ready to make changes.

After the 1 Day Coaching I will follow up with you during the course of 8 weeks to make sure you keep momentum and to provide support towards your new way of working.

Alex op de Weegh

Alex op de Weegh
My name is Alex. I am a coach and trainer. I help people transform their career challenges into solutions and actions. I provide follow-up to make sure you reach the goals you’ve set yourself. You’ll do away with what doesn’t work and do more of what works. I have more than 20 years experience in various industries (high-tech, FMCG, Consultancy, Manufacturing) in international growth environments, both in support and management positions. I now use my background to help people as a certified coach to get the most out of their working life. My passion is to help you connecting the dots and finding that job you are made for.
What my clients say about me: good listener, authentic, calm, pleasant to work with, solution focused.

Want to know if career coaching is something for you? Contact me now for an introductory 30-minute breakthrough session (by phone, Skype or on site). This breakthrough session is offered to you free of charge.

Contact Details

  •  +32-485-169153
  •  Tiensesteenweg 364, 3000 Leuven, Belgium


By appointment only

  • “Monday: 0900 – 17:00
  • Tuesday: 0900 – 17:00
  • Wednesday: 0900 – 21:00
  • Thursday: 0900 – 21:00
  • Friday: 09:00 – 21:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 – 14:00


I have recently changed my job but wasn’t really sure I had made the right decision. Together with Alex we explored numerous elements in my decision making. He listens patiently but actively and asked me just the right questions. I’ve learned a lot about myself and most of all I’m confident I’ve made the right decision in changing my career path. I wish I’d done this earlier. I highly recommend Alex.


During my initial meeting with Alex he listened to my previous work experience and to what I would like to achieve in my professional life. By the end of that session he encouraged me to stop applying for jobs that I did not actually want and instead to realize a business idea that I had been thinking about for ten years. In our subsequent sessions he helped me consider and overcome the obstacles that I saw in commencing my business idea. At the end of each meeting set easily achievable targets to work on in my own time and followed up by e-mail to remind me of them . As a result I set up my own business within six weeks. Having worked with other career coaches I can say that Alex provides a wonderful service.


Organise Brussels –
When I lost my job I wanted to seize the opportunity of starting my own company and work as a freelancer. I had a lot of ideas, too many in fact. I couldn’t chose. Alex helped me to make choices for myself, to focus and turn my ideas into a concrete action plan. I was able to move forward and now have a clear offer for my clients. Alex made me work hard, but it was worth it. The coaching really helped me to choose between all the options and go forward.